Google Play Music Desktop Player

A beautiful cross platform Desktop Player for Google Play Music

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Open Source

Google Play Music Desktop Player is open source on GitHub this means YOU, the community, gets a say in all the features we implement and you can even get involved and help out.

If you find a bug or want something new, tell us in Gitter or on GitHub and we will see what we can do!!


Resource Efficient

Being a lightweight, standalone framework we use FAR less resources than having Google Play Music open in a standard chrome tab. This frees up your computers resources to do things you care about, instead of wasting them on playing music.



Google Play Music Desktop Player adds a level of customization that simply isn't there in the web player. You can change your theme, customize the colors, send your play history straight to, and it even has a built-in equalizer.

From advanced audio controls to simple song change notifications, this desktop player literally does it all.

The same beautiful Material Design experience you love on the browser, just as a dedicated desktop player
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  • Media Keys support (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous, Next)
  • Last.FM Scrobbling and Now Playing support!
  • Desktop notifications on track change
  • Simplistic mini player
  • Customizable dark theme
  • Taskbar media controls (media controls embedded into the taskbar) Windows only
  • HTML5 audio support - No more Adobe Flash Player
  • Built-in audio equalizer - Make it sound how you like it
  • Background music playing, minimize to the task bar
  • Customizable hotkeys. No worries if you don't have media keys - Choose your own shortcuts!
  • Choose your audio output device from within the player
  • Interface for external applications such as Rainmeter
  • And a whole lot more coming soon!!
  • Custom Theme Demo

    Custom Themes

    You choose how it looks.
  • Equializer Demo

    Audio Equalizer

    You choose how it sounds.
  • Mini Player Demo

    Mini Player

    You choose how to use it.
  • Last.FM Demo

    Last FM Integration

    You choose who knows about it.
  • Notification Demo

    Desktop Notification Support

    You choose if you find out about it.
100% Open Source
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